Registration (参加登録)

NameAsian Polyolefin Workshop 2023 (アジアポリオレフィン国際会議2023)

Place: Kinsho Hall, Todai-Ji, Nara, Japan

Period: December 10-14, 2023



              Advance registration: October 31, 2023

              Paper submission: September 30, 2023

              Abstract submission: September 30, 2023




Registration fee参加費):

Before October 31, 2023      After November 1, 2023

Person from Academic, Industry                                45,000 JPY                            50,000 JPY

Student (On site payment only for students from abroad)      15,000 JPY                           15,000 JPY

For Senior Members, Catalysis Society of Japan: 20,000 JPY


We will issue the receipt (certificate) of the registration fee on site.


Registration Form 参加登録用紙: Word(Win) PDF
Abstract Format: Word(Win) PDF


Further Process for Registration (Payment)

Participants from Japan (Domestic) Click Here


Participants from abroad (On site payment only for students)

Please proceed the payment from the following URL
Credit card withdrawal will be handled by Prima Tours Co., Ltd. 

For participants from foreign country: Payment process by using a credit card should be required. 

If you have any questions, please contact the administration office (


The above forms (registration form, and/or paper submission form) should be sent to the following address via e-mail (or fax)(送付先)

Abstract should be sent via e-mail only!


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APO2023 Secretariat, c/o Prof. Kotohiro Nomura

Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Metropolitan University

1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0397 Japan

Fax: +81-42-677-2547


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Please ask the symposium secretariat, if you have any questions.